A Society of Editors Service

About Editors Inc.

As editors or former editors, we are skilled communicators who have pooled our expertise and experience for the benefit of organisations wanting the best response from the media - and for the media itself. All our professional lives we have had to beat the extraordinary pressures of producing the news, first to one deadline and then the next, never forgetting that an intolerant public would turn to one of many competitors if we failed them. We are accustomed to taking up almost any challenge, to managing change and to building teams capable of ever-increasing demands.

As a result, we are the best people to help you with your corporate and public relations.

  • We can advise you on your internal and external communications
  • We can appraise the effectiveness of your present organisation and procedures
  • We can write your documentation from press releases to business plans to annual reports
  • We can lead your seminars and conferences
  • We can recruit your media relations specialists
  • We can train your staff to create public awareness
  • We can make your publications interesting and readable
  • We can make your website easy to use, informative and attractive
  • We can engage audiences so your marketing becomes more effective