A Society of Editors Service

 Malcolm Starbrook

Retired Editor in Chief  in regional newspapers 

1 Provides advice on matters relating to media and communications.

2. Provides policy advice and policy direction.

3. Identifies priorities for allocated functions to ensure policies can be taken forward.

4. Enables the setting up of benefits of flexible approaches to work in undertaking the duties and responsibilities of cross-organisational groups and project teams.


Principal accountabilities and skills

Ÿ  To help provide broad policy advice to corporate management teams formulate policies relating to skills, training, inward investment, helping SMEs, engagement with business groups and organisations.

Ÿ  Proven track record of successful management and a leading role in the formulation of corporate objectives, policies and strategies.

Ÿ  Proven management skills to deliver objectives and lead teams.

Ÿ  Clear achievement in promoting equalities of opportunity.

Ÿ  An understanding of devolved and central government and experience of successfully working with politicians within a democratic process or a comparable high-pressure organisation.

Ÿ  Successful track record of building effective, productive and relevant working relationships.

Ÿ  Understanding of financial management including budget formulation and financial monitoring.

Ÿ  In  depth knowledge and experience of the communications issues of large organisations.

Ÿ  Significant experience of developing communications policies and strategy in a high profile organisation.

Ÿ  Substantial practical experience of working with and helping influence the media at local, national and regional level.

Ÿ  Good understanding of complex political environments and significant experience at a high level in operating effectively within them.

Ÿ  Significant experience of leading value for money projects with proven ability to manage successfully significant change management issues.

Ÿ  Promoting policies through multi-platforms including preparing reports, speeches, presentations and briefings on complex issues for a range of different audiences.

Ÿ  High-level of analytical and constructive thinking to cope with varied and challenging situations.



Ÿ  More than 45 years working in regional, national and magazine journalism with more than 35 years as an editor.

Ÿ  Member of the Parliamentary and Legal Committee of the Society of Editors: lobbying and advisory body representing newspaper, magazine and broadcasting editors in the UK.

Ÿ  Principal spokesman for the Newspaper Society and regional newspaper industry in the campaign against council-run newspapers.

Ÿ  Training: lead architect in establishing national journalistic training centre for major UK newspaper company; working to help devise industry-recognised training programme based on relevance, content and continuous assessment of standards in journalism law, public administration and journalism, establishing journalist apprenticeship scheme within Archant newspaper group in collaboration with NCTJ and Lambeth college


Other Experience

Ÿ  six years as Commissioner in Press Complaints Commission.

Ÿ  Trainer in media interviewing techniques, providing a personal and professional service designed to help potential interviewees enhance their interview skills.

Ÿ  Member of five-strong management team that helped turn round loss-making newspaper company into profit after 18 months.

Ÿ  Editorial director responsible for £1.5m annual budget and 56 journalists.

Ÿ  Trustee of Pension Fund.

Ÿ  Joint owner of free newspaper company.


Telephone 01293 862080 (home)

07962 243445 (mobile)