A Society of Editors Service

PR and Promotion

If you want to keep your organisation in the public eye at least risk of the mistakes that can make it a painful experience, we can offer you our experience from a media perspective. If you want to challenge your senior executives with awkward questions or seek to give them the confidence to be more accessible so that you change both the public perception of your organisation and its own, we have the skills to help.

In a fast-changing media world we have to change ourselves: to diversify our talents, to adjust the competition, to innovate to meet public expectation. We have had to choose our staff carefully and to develop capabilities. Like managers everywhere we have had to find ways of doing more with less. Our experience has made us incisive and objective. This has helped us to find relevant information and to present it without the wooliness that hinders effective decision-making.

We can write and edit and speak on public platforms. We can identify what interests other people. We have the contacts. So we can produce publications or documents or business plans. We can lead seminars, chair meetings and make presentations. We can lead you to people who can help you when we can’t. We know how the media works, so we know what sort of people can engage their attention, provide the information they need and answer their questions.

That gives us insights that make us valuable additions to your recruiting teams. Some candidates who may have other abilities would be less likely to improve your public image than get you into trouble. It also means that we can effectively train staff in media relations or appraise their performance. Editing newspapers we have done everything with an eye to achieving commercial and public awareness. We have provoked public debate. Campaigned for change. Challenged the status quo. So we know what works. We know how to promote a brand or an idea.

We can help you reach your customers or the public in general. We have spent our newspaper careers managing creative and individualistic staffs under stress from time pressures and frustrations of failing to get the person they need to speak to. It enables us to see a way through personnel problems that bedevil every organisation with more to do than time to do it in. We know all too well that there isn’t the money to do just what you want to do. So we have become adapt at finding an alternative way of achieving the same goal.