A Society of Editors Service

 Simon is an experienced editor who understands the way to reach people through all the current media available.  He is an experienced manager used to managing highly-motivated individuals, such as editors and senior journalists. 

His most recent post was as editorial director of the Kent Messenger Group, responsible, at its height, for 200 journalists and 10 newspaper sales staff, producing seven paid-for weeklies, nine free newspapers and providing a news service for 12 websites and seven local radio stations.

He has wide experience of change management, including:

* Downsizing editorial operations 

* Changing an evening title to a weekly newspaper

* Launching new newspapers in a short timescale (six weeks)

* Launching title-related websites

* Redesigning newspapers

* Introduction of new content management systems without any loss of production

Simon also has experience of media regulation from his time as a member of the Press Complaints Commission and the Defence Press Broadcast Advisory (D-Notice) Committee of the Ministry of Defence.   He won the first-ever appeal to the BBC Trust in his complaint about BBC Radio Kent trading unfairly by launching their own magazine.

In addition to his 10 years at Kent Messenger, six as a director, he has worked at The Western Mail, Cardiff; the Derby Evening Telegraph; Radio Hallam, Sheffield; The Star, Sheffield; the Coventry Evening Telegraph and the Mansfield Chronicle Advertiser.